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Kathoey – The Third Gender

Kathoey - The Third Gender

Many Thai people have asked me why I’ve chosen kathoey and a subject for my project. From their perspective, I think it does seem a little odd, as there are many aspects of Thailand that would be equally interesting to film. I explain that there are lots of people in America who make it their academic career to study gender and sexuality, and that Thailand’s unique culture– as the only Southeast Asian country to never experience colonization– offers a particular insight into how human sexuality or gender identity can be fluid. The culture around ladyboys, both commercial and social, is something you couldn’t imagine finding in mainstream America. I’m interested in learning if their stories are similar or different to the stories of transgender in America, and while in some ways they will have to be radically different (see culture), I’m interested to discover if the narratives have any common themes.



BANGKOK, YOU HAVE WON THE INTERNET TODAY. (At King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. Naturally, Computer Engineering).