PRESENTING at IvyQ 2013 Conference: The Debut of “The Third Gender”

After a long sojourn of school, life, and editing, I am pleased to announce that the first cut of “The Third Gender” will debut at the inter-Ivy League LGBT conference, IvyQ on February 9, 2013.


About the Workshop:

This workshop will present a short (20 minute) artistic documentary that explores the community of trans and gay individuals in Thailand through their personal narratives. After the film, there will be a broader discussion/presentation about how the film was made and the differences between Thai and Western ideas of sexuality/gender.

I should add that it’s not just going to be about differences– a lot of the narratives are markedly similar across cultures! However, I would like to engage the audience to think about how anthropologists and gender/sexuality scholars have tried to understand Thai sexuality, often through an overly Western lens, and how the cultural context of Thailand might influence the way people feel about things like– language, body, mind, etc.

I’m extremely excited, and not to mention incredibly nervous about the reception of this work. I want to do justice to the lives of those who I interviewed, and to Thai people, who have graciously let me enter their culture to even slightly better understand it, and understand myself.

0617_26 IMG_1066  Tannia

A better bio of me:

VIVIENNE CHEN is a Princeton University student, freelance writer, journalist, and videographer. Her interests include sexual freedom, alternative sexualities, trans rights, and international LGBT movements. Chen is the student speaker for Princeton who was chosen for IvyQ 2013 through a competitive application process. We are extremely excited to welcome Chen as a speaker.

I’ll be getting loads of feedback about the documentary and hopefully working on another cut to be presented at Princeton University. From there? There will likely be an online version released via Vimeo or Youtube, for everyone to watch.

I am again, so, SO thankful to everyone who has helped me along the way, from my translators, to my friends and interviewees who took the time to share themselves with me, and to my hosts/connections in Thailand who basically gave me my documentary from the ground up. When I came to Thailand, I knew no one. It was only through the kinship networks we built that this project was possible.

Check out the trailer again!


About Vivienne Chen

Vivienne Chen is a freelance journalist, blogger, fiction/poetry writer, English and Gender studies major at Princeton University, and activist for sexual freedom and LGBT equality. She is also a member of the University Press Club, and blogs at

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