Tuesday, June 12: My First Thai Alphabet

LOOK! Written out like a first grader! I actually have no idea how the characters are pronounced (yet)!

44 characters, very swirly.

Some things I’ve learned about the Thai language now:

  • It’s tonal, like Chinese, but there are 5 tones and they’re different from the Chinese tones… so having Mandarin skills doesn’t help much beyond understanding that how you say something affects its meaning WAY MORE than you think.
  •  The “alphabet” is 44 characters long, and even my host had trouble remembering what order you write them in.
  • Thai phrase books are clearly geared toward tourists– in the sense they teach you all the words about hotels and taxis, but not about buses. My phrase book (which DOES have bus travel phrases) has a whole section dedicated to words around jet-skiing. Really?

Other Lessons Learned (That Should Have Been No Brainers From The Start): No more jaywalking across 5 lanes of traffic lest you kill yourself (or worse, other people!)

Things That Are Already Happening: I am getting stingy– but like, Thai stingy. Which means I start getting annoyed if freshly blended fruit juice is more than $2 USD (64 baht). I’m like, 200 baht for a nice meal?! That’s… oh. That’s like McDonalds. That said, I did spend 280 baht on a Singapore Sling the other night at the Nest. That is essentially an 8 dollar cocktail. The nice stuff still doesn’t come cheap. I miss Phnom Penh now. ($4 cocktails, man.)

Today I ate this delicious chinese porridge meal with thai iced coffee for… $1.5 USD. I LOVE THIS.

FILMING STATUS: Tomorrow and Thursday… getting the ball rolling. Will update again!



About Vivienne Chen

Vivienne Chen is a freelance journalist, blogger, fiction/poetry writer, English and Gender studies major at Princeton University, and activist for sexual freedom and LGBT equality. She is also a member of the University Press Club, and blogs at UniversityPressClub.com.

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