About the LadyBoy Film Project

My name is Vivienne Chen, and I am a freelance writer, amateur filmmaker, and student at Princeton University.

In March of 2012, I was awarded the Martin A. Dale Summer Award. The Dale scholarship gives financial support for Princeton sophomores to pursue summer projects that “provide important opportunities for personal growth, foster independence, creativity, and leadership skills, and broaden or deepen some area of special interest” (which, in my case, is NOT Princetonese for “a paid vacation”).

This summer (June-July 2012), I’ve decided to use this project to create a short artistic film/documentary about the lives of gender-nonconforming people in Southeast Asia, known as kathoey or ladyboys. I will be documenting my travels around Thailand, primarily in Bangkok, recording the narratives of ladyboys and their journeys through understanding their bodies and their place in the world.

Despite this being an “independent” project, I simply cannot do this alone! If you are a Bangkok resident, fluent Thai speaker, filmmaker, ladyboy, or have any connections (however tangential they may be) to any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me at: viviennexchen [at] gmail.com. Check out my guidelines here.

You can also find me on Facebook or Twitter or through my website, VivienneChen.com.

Read more about my story, my project, and my call for assistance.


About Vivienne Chen

Vivienne Chen is a freelance journalist, blogger, fiction/poetry writer, English and Gender studies major at Princeton University, and activist for sexual freedom and LGBT equality. She is also a member of the University Press Club, and blogs at UniversityPressClub.com.

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